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1. Untitled Star Trek Sequel

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps. The follow-up to Star Trek Beyond (2016).

Director: S.J. Clarkson | Stars: Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Danai Gurira

2. Untitled Star Trek Project

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot unknown.

Director: Quentin Tarantino

3. A Woman of No Importance (II)

Biography, Drama, War | Announced

The story of American spy, Virginia Hall, who worked for the British intelligence during World War II.

Star: Daisy Ridley

4. Everything Must Go

Comedy | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as "'Clerks' for a new generation."

Star: Logic

5. Your Name

Drama | Announced

A live-action remake of the 2016 anime film about two strangers who mysteriously swap bodies.

Director: Marc Webb

6. Kolma

Drama, Fantasy, Thriller | Announced

A remarried widow is given an unusual offer to relive her first love as the end of her life draws closer.

Star: Daisy Ridley

7. Half-Life

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

An American scientific research facility opens a portal to a hostile alien world, who begin to invade the earth.

8. The Wrong Mans (TV Movie)

Action, Comedy, Crime | Pre-production

A pair of office workers have their humdrum lives turned upside-down when a random phone call pits them in an epic case of mistaken identity. U.S. version of the British comedy series 'The Wrong Mans'.

Director: Jim Field Smith | Stars: Ben Schwartz, Jillian Bell, Annie Chang, David Arthur Sousa

9. Untitled Cloverfield Sequel

Horror | Announced

Plot unknown.

10. Demimonde

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

The world battles against a monstrous, oppressive force.

11. My Glory Was I Had Such Friends

Drama | Pre-production

A woman turns to a group of friends for support during a time she has to prepare for a life-saving heart transplant.

Star: Jennifer Garner

12. The Nix (TV Movie)

Drama | Announced

A son investigates his estranged mother's secretive past in order to clear her name.

Star: Meryl Streep

13. Collider (I)

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps.

Director: Edgar Wright

14. Little Voice

Comedy, Drama | Announced

A love letter to the diverse musicality of New York, "Little Voices" explores the universal journey of finding your authentic voice in your early 20s.

15. The Stops Along the Way

Mystery | Announced

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16. A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea

Drama | Announced

A Syrian refugee struggles for survival after being shipwrecked while fleeing to Europe.

Director: Lena Dunham

17. The Invisible Woman

Drama, Thriller | Announced

In order to protect her family, a retired beauty queen turns to a life of crime.

18. They Both Die at the End

Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

Based on the Novel by Adam Silvera, the show is set in the near-future where everyone receives a bureaucratic phone call notifying them at the start of their last day on Earth.

19. Portal (I)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

A film adaptation of the video game series.

20. Lou

Drama | Pre-production

A tough elderly woman living on a remote island is recruited by a neighbor to help her find her kidnapped daughter.

Director: Anna Foerster | Star: Allison Janney

21. Lisey's Story

Drama | Announced

Two years following the death of her husband, a series of events forces Lisey to begin facing amazing realities about her husband that she had repressed and forgotten.

Star: Julianne Moore

22. Zanbato

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot details kept under wraps. Said to be about a young female ninja.

Director: Guillermo del Toro

23. Piece of Mind

Drama | Announced

A young woman who suffered a brain injury as a little girl is forced to live with her brother in New York so that he can look after her.

Star: Daisy Ridley

24. The Market

Comedy | Announced

An unemployed widower moves in with his adult son in Pittsburgh, where they both struggle to find gainful employment.

Star: Jesse Eisenberg

25. 7 Minutes in Heaven (I)

Mystery, Thriller | Announced

At a party, two teens spend seven minutes in a closet as part of a game, but when they return to their friends, they find them all dead.

Director: Jack Bender

26. The Heavy (I)

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

Plot kept under wraps. Described as a subversive take on the superhero genre.

Director: Julius Avery

27. Untitled Brad Parker/J.J. Abrams/Matt Reeves Project

Action | Announced

Plot undisclosed.

Director: Bradley Parker

28. Hot for Teacher

Comedy | Announced

A high school senior makes it his goal to get it on with his teacher before he graduates.

29. Death of a King (TV Movie)

Drama | Announced

A look at the final year in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

30. Tab & Tony

Drama | Announced

The relationship between Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins during the 1950's.

31. Untitled Megan Amram/Bad Robot Project

Horror | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as "a female-driven horror allegory."

32. Little Darlings

Comedy | Announced

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Star: Ryleigh Rogers

33. Aporia (I)

Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps. Described as a grounded sci-fi drama with time-travel elements.

Director: Jared Moshe

34. Untitled J.J. Abrams Earthquake Project

Action, Drama, Thriller | Announced

A girl named Amy is visiting her mother and her father for the weekend when a Earthquake happens Amy has to survive and keep everyone she loves alive.

35. Untitled Ru Paul Project (TV Movie)

Comedy, Drama | Announced

A look at the early years of drag queen Ru Paul, coming of age in New York City during the 1980s.

36. The Seven Sisters of Scott County

Drama | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as an original film set in the moonshine-running time period.

Director: Courtney Hoffman

37. Boilerplate

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

The story of a fictional late 19th Century robot utilized by such history-makers as Terry Roosevelt and Lawrence of Arabia.

38. Only the Lonely (III)

Romance, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as a sci-fi romance.

Director: Stefan Grube

39. Dream Jumper

Drama, Thriller | Announced

A boy learns he has the ability to jump into another person's dreams.

40. Beta

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps.

41. The Steps

Thriller | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as a "twist on the possession genre."

42. Untitled J.J. Abrams/Chris Alender Sci-Fi Project

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps.

Director: Christopher Alender

43. Mystery on Fifth Avenue

Drama, Mystery | Announced

Enterprising parents have their home redesigned to include hidden compartments, messages, puzzles, poems, codes and games for their four kids.

44. The Flamingo Affair

Animation, Comedy, Crime | Announced

A crew of animals plan a Vegas heist.

45. Wunderkind

Action, Thriller | Announced

A pair of Nazi hunters from different organizations cross paths while searching for the same target.

46. One Last Thing Before I Go

Drama | Announced

A divorced father suffering through a mid-life crisis finds out he may die if he doesn't proceed with a medical operation.

47. Untitled Elizabeth Taylor Project

Documentary | Announced

Documentary series that chronicles the life and career of actress Elizabeth Taylor.

48. 500 Rads

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot is under wraps.

49. Untitled Ben Shiffrin/Bad Robot Project

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as a "contained time travel movie."

50. Let the Great World Spin

Drama | Announced

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