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1. Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm

Comedy | Post-production

Two decades after "Tromeo and Juliet", Lloyd Kaufman and The Troma Team go Back to The Bard for a TROMAtic adaptation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest".

Director: Lloyd Kaufman | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Erin Patrick Miller, Abraham Sparrow, Kate McGarrigle

2. Another Cinema Snob Movie

Comedy | Post-production

Having portrayed the popular YouTube character the Cinema Snob for many years, Craig Golightly is set to release an original film all of his own to theaters. When the film is laughed off ... See full summary »

Director: Ryan Mitchelle | Stars: Brad Jones, Rob Walker, Tamara Chambers, Korey Goodwin

3. The Toxic Avenger

Action, Comedy | Announced

A meek towel boy transforms into a powerful superhero after getting dumped into a vat of toxic waste.

Director: Macon Blair

4. Psycho Ape!

Comedy, Horror | Announced

A murderous gorilla escapes from the zoo to go on a killing spree.

Director: Addison Binek | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Kansas Bowling, Bill Weeden, Stephen Albers

5. In Search of Darkness

Documentary, Horror | Filming

An exploration of '80s horror movies through the perspective of the actors, directors, producers and SFX craftspeople who made them, and their impact on contemporary cinema.

Director: David A. Weiner | Stars: Alex Winter, Keith David, John Carpenter, Cassandra Peterson

6. Attack of the Killer Chickens the Movie

Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi | Filming

It's the dawn of a new age, a chicken age. Attack of the Killer Chickens the Movie.

Director: Genoveva Rossi | Stars: Brendan Fletcher, David Naughton, Lloyd Kaufman, John Dugan

7. I Scream on the Beach!

Horror | Post-production

In the small seaside town of Mellow Coast, Emily (Hannah Paterson) is trying to discover what has happened to her father, but as she searches for answers her friends start getting picked off one-by-one by an unknown killer.

Directors: Alexander Churchyard, Michael Holiday | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Dani Thompson, Reis Daniel, Martin W. Payne

9. I Filmed Your Death

90 min | Drama, Horror | Post-production

A small town is rocked when a local man goes on a rampage in a movie theater, killing dozens as well as himself. Now, a year later, young filmmaker Pierce Lyndale adds salt to the wound ... See full summary »

Director: Sam Bahre | Stars: Michael Horse, Peter Tork, Lloyd Kaufman, Robert Kerman

10. Kill Dolly Kill

Horror, Musical | Post-production

BENJI is back. Now living as his alter-ego DOLLY DEADLY, he's all grown up and ready to kill...AGAIN.

Directors: Heidi Moore, Daniel Murphy, Tony Walters | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Julie Anne Prescott, Elissa Dowling, Brittany Blanton

11. Tromafist (Video)

Short, Comedy | Completed

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Director: Charlotte Kaufman | Stars: Henry Zebrowski, Jackie Zebrowski, Ed Larson, Holden McNeely

12. Deviant (III)

Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi | Post-production

In a dystopian future where humanity has been genetically engineered and formed into the Perfect Society, anyone who is born outside of what is considered normal is labeled a Deviant and ... See full summary »

Director: Emme Watkins | Stars: Elise Goodgaine, Scott K. Leslie, Tucker Dally Johnston, Megan Heffernan

14. The Monkey's Paw (II)

Animation, Short, Comedy | Filming

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Director: David Kuskie | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Mark Torgl, Laura Stetman, Annie Kidwell

15. Sticky Fingers: The Movie!

80 min | Animation, Action, Comedy | Filming

A post-apocalyptic quest fueled by ignorance; a mysterious destination; and a s**tload of Nazis! Guy & Girl hit the road on a rockabilly-fueled mission to find the last movie theater on the planet.

Director: Jason Roth | Stars: Fred Williamson, Lloyd Kaufman, Josh Becker, Amy McFadden

17. Kaufmania!

Documentary | Post-production

The comedy universe of the late television and film star of the 1970's/80's Andy Kaufman (1949 - 1984) encompasses many friends he left behind, comedians of today and fans alike.

Director: Kevin Sean Michaels | Stars: Fred Willard, Andy Kaufman, Reggie Watts, Lloyd Kaufman

18. You can Take it or Leave it

Drama | Pre-production

Mitch Hammond after leaving his cheating alcoholic wife, and going through a bitter divorce, succumbs to his own addictions, and as his life spirals out of control, meets a special woman ... See full summary »

Director: Randolph M. Hirsch | Stars: Dawna Lee Heising, Kathy Garver, Simonna, Mel Novak

19. Border State

Comedy | Announced

Three wayward cows stray from an idyllic Mexican border farm, setting off a chain of zany events leading to war.

Director: Colten Dietz | Stars: Vic Mignogna, Lloyd Kaufman, Derek Solorsano, Kelly Nicole

20. Sam and the Silver Medal

Drama | Filming

A story about love and paranoia; a former Olympic runner with an aggressive competitive streak is diagnosed with a debilitating disease costing him the use of his legs and his grip on ... See full summary »

Director: Alex Haney | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Margaret Rose Champagne, Sarah Schoofs, Chelsea LeSage

21. After School Lunch Special

Comedy, Horror | Post-production

Eight gut wrenching tales of terror to tickle your funny bone and leave your brain a rotting pile of steaming excrement.

Director: Andrew J Chambers | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Joshua Brunken, Kimberly Marie Rowe, Matthew Kischer

22. Family Property 2: More Blood

Horror | Filming

Family Property is back to enact a second dose of keeping people off the Family Property. After her parents death Sarah Carter must protect her property. when people step on the property it ends in a goreiffic bloodbath.

Director: Derek Young | Stars: Jenny Jannetty, Mike Halac, Kadrolsha Ona Carole, James Price

23. How to Sell a Film

Documentary | Filming

"How to Sell a Film: (3rd Time Lucky)" is the incredible little film that nearly didn't get made but did because cult film-makers Seumas Next and Stephan Kern never gave up, secured an ... See full summary »

Director: Alan Smithee | Stars: John Landis, Robert Evans, Lloyd Kaufman, Mike Figgis

24. Fringes

Crime | Announced

Three Hassidic Jewish gunslingers enter the Deep South to fight the tyranny of an anti-semitic small-town mayor.

Director: Joe Weil | Star: Lloyd Kaufman

25. Pigboy: He Ain't No Babe!

85 min | Horror | Announced

Abandoned by humans and raised by swine, PigBoy escapes the confines of the only world he has ever known to terrorize the summer campsite next door. Will the KFC Virgins survive with their ... See full summary »

Stars: Tom Savini, Lloyd Kaufman, Shawn C. Phillips

26. Alastor

Action, Fantasy | Pre-production

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Director: Raphaello | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Shelly Martinez, Jake Roberts, Maria Kanellis

27. Punk Rock Holocaust 3 (Video)

Horror | Filming

In 2013, the demonic, pop-punk Executioner has returned to the Vans Warped Tour with Angelo Moore of the ska/punk legends Fishbone! Angelo is hosting his own talk show on the Warped Tour. ... See full summary »

Director: Doug Sakmann | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Natalie Jean, Doug Sakmann, Kevin Lyman

31. Reyes

Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Filming

A down-at-heel author who is trying to get his life back on track is getting into the vortex of an almighty death cult and finds out soon that his destiny is connected to a mysterious woman... See full summary »

Directors: Patrick Templin, René Wiesner | Stars: Shawn C. Phillips, Kim Sønderholm, Bill Hutchens, René Wiesner

32. Lunch with Archer King

Documentary | Post-production

Who was Archer King? He was a man with a discerning and intuitive instinct for talent, who discovered Hollywood acting legends, distinguished directors, and prominent writers. That gift sustained his astonishing career.

Directors: Eric Mache, Sophia Robbins | Stars: Ron Howard, Martin Sheen, Julie Newmar, Roman Polanski

33. Bad Dennis

85 min | Horror | Announced

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Stars: Tom Savini, Lloyd Kaufman

34. Diary of a Fatman 2

Comedy | Pre-production

Will he wake up in time to make it on his date? Will his goal to lose his virginity ever come true? Yes - if you didn't know, he is kind of a virgin - if you exclude the time he spends with... See full summary »

Director: Steve Ravic | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Steven Haar

35. Everything, by Everyone

Documentary | Filming

About and the evolution of online entertainment.

Director: Nathan Kuruna | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Kevin Pereira, John Kricfalusi, Mike Reiss

36. New You

Horror | Announced

What must one man endure to change his life?

Director: Rob Mulligan | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, John Hennigan, Sean Stone, B.J. Hendricks

37. Scream Creek (Video)

Horror | Filming

A gory giallo-influenced slasher in the tradition of Bay of Blood and Tenebrae. The legend of local killer Mitchell Grimmstead is ignored by a group of teenagers intent on visiting the ... See full summary »

Director: Joe Pinkerton | Stars: Joe Pinkerton, Haydn Watkins, Ron Remy

39. Skatecop

Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi | Post-production

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Director: Peter Ahlers | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, René Wiesner, Patrick Templin, Johann Schultz

40. Woman from Mars

40 min | Documentary, Short | Post-production

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Stars: Dylan Greenberg, Lloyd Kaufman, Kansas Bowling, Debbie Rochon

41. Bach from the Dead

Action, Comedy, Horror | Post-production

Johann Bach teams up with the mysterious Josh after he is resurrected by a failing rap artist. Thus ensues a murderous rampage that can only be quenched by one thing: cop John Cannon's magnum.

Director: Andy Sexton | Stars: Josh Kay, Blake Lindsey, Andy Sexton, Han Htet

42. Fun Uncle Presents... (2013– )
Episode: Celebrity Home Tours


Luke and Jake get a taste of L.A life.

Directors: Luke Mitchell, Jakob Skrzypa | Stars: Adamo Barbieri, Ben Granger, David Liebe Hart, Lloyd Kaufman

44. Troma's Edge TV (2000–2001)
Episode: The Drugs Episode

Comedy, Action, Adventure

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Stars: Trent Haaga, Lloyd Kaufman, Tiffany Shepis

45. Troma's Edge TV (2000–2001)
Episode: The Family Episode

Comedy, Action, Adventure

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Stars: Trent Haaga, Lloyd Kaufman, Tiffany Shepis

46. Troma's Edge TV (2000–2001)
Episode: The Horror Episode

Comedy, Action, Adventure

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Stars: Trent Haaga, Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon

47. Troma's Edge TV (2000–2001)
Episode: The Sex Episode

Comedy, Action, Adventure

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Stars: Trent Haaga, Lloyd Kaufman, Tiffany Shepis

48. Troma's Edge TV (2000–2001)
Episode: The War Episode

Comedy, Action, Adventure

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Stars: Trent Haaga, Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon

49. Mr. Blue Shirt: The Inspiration (2020)

Adventure | Post-production

When the god Eracles learns of his forced resignation from the Great God Council; he becomes highly irate, corrupt, and more powerful. Little do his peers know that this one action would ... See full summary »

Director: Mike Stewart | Stars: Michael Berryman, Lloyd Kaufman, Bill Oberst Jr., Robert Allen Mukes

50. Untitled Radioactive Chicken Heads Documentary (2020)

90 min | Documentary, Comedy, Music | Filming

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Director: Michael Kallio | Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Richard Elfman, Carl Crew, Smokey Miles

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