Venice Film Festival

Venice, Italy


  • The Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival still to take place. It took place in the following years: 1932, 1934-1942, 1946-1968, 1971-1972, 1974-1976, 1979-today. Not all of these years were competitive.


"Lino Miccichè" First Feature Award

'CinemAvvenire' Award

'Commendatore al merito della Repubblica' Medal

'Cult Network Italia' Prize

'Cult Network Italia' Prize - Special Mention

3-D Award

AGIS Award


AIF - For Film Fest Award

AKAI International Film Fest Award

AKAI International Film Fest Award - Special Mention


Absolute Grand Prize
  • The Absolute Grand Prize has been given in earlier days of the festival.

Agriculture Ministry Cup

Alitalia Award

Ambiente WWF Award

Amnesty International Italia Award

Anicaflash Prize
  • The award is voted for by the festival's FIPRESCI jury.

Arca CinemaGiovani Award

AssoMusica Award

Audience Award

Audience Award (Arena)

Audience Award (Critics' Week)

Audience Referendum
  • There had been no official awards in the festival's first year, instead a public poll was initiated.

Award of the City of Imola

Award of the City of Imola - Special Mention

Award of the City of Rome

Award of the City of Rome - Special Mention

Award of the City of Venice

Award of the Society for Psychology

BNL People's Choice Award

Best Actor
  • From 1980 to 1987 the acting achievements were not awarded a Volpi Cup.

Best Actress
  • From 1980 to 1987 the acting achievements were not awarded a Volpi Cup.

Best Animation

Best Artistic Collaboration

Best Cinematography

Best Colonial Film

Best Color Film

Best Director

Best European Short Film
  • The winning film is automatically nominated for the European Short Film Award at the next European Film Awards.

Best First Film

Best First Work

Best Foreign Documentary

Best Foreign Screenplay

Best Innovative Budget Award

Best Italian Comedy

Best Italian Documentary

Best Italian Film
  • This award is not longer given.

Best Music

Best Musical Film

Best Overall Artistic Contribution

Best Psychological Film

Best Scientific Film

Best Screenplay

Best Short Film

Best Short Film - Special Mention

Best VR Story

Best World Premiere

Bianchi Award

Biennale Award
  • The Biennale Award has been given in earliest days of the festival.

Biennale Cup
  • The Biennale Cup has been given in earliest days of the festival.

Biennale Medal
  • The Biennale Medal has been given in earliest days of the festival.

Biennale Trophy

Biografilm Award

Bisato d'Oro

Bisato d'Oro - Special Mention

Bresson Award

Brian Award
  • Named for Monthy Python's Brian di Nazareth.
  • Successor to the UAAR Award.

Bronze Lion

Bronze Medal
  • The Bronze Medal has been given in earliest days of the festival.

C.I.C.A.E. Award

C.I.C.A.E. Award - Special Mention


CICT-UNESCO C. Smithers Foundation Award

CICT-UNESCO Enrico Fulchignoni Award


Campari Passion for the Cinema Award

Career Golden Lion

Catholic Cinema Clubs Award

Children and Cinema Award

Children and Cinema Award - Special Mention

Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Special Award

Cinecibo Award

Cinecittà Cup

Cinecritica Award

Cineforum 66 Award

Cinema 60 Award

Cinema of the Present - Lion of the Year

Cinema of the Present - Special Jury Award

Circolo del Cinema di Verona Award

Civitas Vitae Prossima Award

Controcampo Italiano Prize

Controcampo Italiano Prize - Special Mention

Corporations Ministry Cup

Critics' Week Award

De Sica Award

De Sica Award - Special Mention

Digital Cinema Award

Digital Cinema Award - Special Mention

Doc/It Award

Doc/It Award - Special Mention

Don Quixote Award

EIUC Award

EIUC Award - Special Mention


ENIC Medal

Edipo Re Award (Università degli Studi di Padova e ResInt Rete dell'Economia Sociale Internazionale)

Education Ministry Cup

Elvira Notari Prize
  • The award is the predecessor to the Lina Mangiacapre Award.

Elvira Notari Prize - Special Mention

Enzo Serafin Award

Equal Opportunity Award


FEDIC Award - Honorable Mention

FEDIC Award - Special Mention

FEDIC Special Award



FIPRESCI Prize - Honorable Mention

Fair Play Cinema Award

Fair Play Cinema Award - Special Mention

Fascist Industry Confederation Cup

Fascist Party Cup

Fedeora Award

Fedeora Award - Special Mention

Filmcritica "Bastone Bianco" Award

Filmcritica "Bastone Bianco" Award - Special Mention

Fondazione Mimmo Rotella Award

Fondazione Mimmo Rotella Special Award

Franca Sozzani Award

Future Film Festival Digital Award

Future Film Festival Digital Award - Special Mention

Gianni Astrei Award

Gillo Pontecorvo-Arcobaleno Latino Award

Gillo Pontecorvo-Arte e Industria Award

Gingerly Award

Golden Ciak
  • This award is given to a film in the "Panorama italiano" festival section (as of 1994).

Golden Lion

Golden Medal
  • The Golden Medal has been given in earliest days of the festival.

Golden Mouse

Golden Mouse - Special Mention

Golden Osella
  • The award is named after the oldest Venetian coin.

Golden Phoenix

Golden Plate

Golden Rudder

Grand Biennale Art Trophy

Grand International Award

Grand Prize of the European Academy

Grand Special Jury Prize

Green Drop Award

Gucci Prize

Hearst Film Award

Honorable Mention

Honorary Diploma
  • The Honorary Diploma has been given in earliest days of the festival.

Human Rights Film Network Award

Human Rights Film Network Award - Special Mention

Interfilm Award

International Award

International Award - Animated Film

International Award - Documentary

International Award - Short Film

International Critics Award

International Critics Award - Special Mention

International Critics' Week Award

International Film Chamber Award

International Peace Award

Isvema Award

Italian Cinema Clubs Award

Italian Film Critics Award

Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award

Jameson Short Film Award
  • The Jameson Short Film Award is presented annually at eight (2001) / ten (2002) / twelve (2003) member festivals of the European Coordination of Film Festivals.

Jury Special Mention

Kinematrix Film Award

Kodak Award

Kodak-Cinecritica Award

L'Oreal Paris Award

La Navicella Venezia Cinema Award

La Pellicola d'Oro Award

Label Europa Cinemas
  • The "Label Europa Cinemas" is an intiative of the Association "Europa Cinemas" which supports European films, their distribution in Europe and raises awareness about them amongst the public and in the media. In cooperation with the Label, each year a European film in the "Semaine des Réalisateurs" at Cannes, in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film festival and, since 2004, during the "Venice Days" in Venice, a jury of five member cinema operators presents the award to a European film.

Label Europa Cinemas - Special Mention

Laterna Magica Prize

Laterna Magica Prize - Special Mention

Leoncino d'Oro Agiscuola Award

Leoncino d'Oro Agiscuola Award - Cinema for UNICEF

Lina Mangiacapre Award
  • The award is the successor to the Elvira Notari Prize.

Lina Mangiacapre Award - Special Mention

Lion of San Marco
  • This award is no longer given.

Lion of San Marco - Grand Prize
  • This award is no longer given.

Little Golden Lion

Luigi De Laurentiis Award

Luigi De Laurentiis Award - Special Mention

Luis Buñuel Award

Magic Lantern Award

Marcello Mastroianni Award

Mario Serandrei - Hotel Saturnia & International Award for the Best Technical Contribution

Max Factor Award

  • Medals have been given for different genres (documentary, animation) or achievements in the early days of the festival.

MigrArti Prize

Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award

Most Promising New Director

Mouse d'Oro Award

Mussolini Cup
  • The Coppa Mussolini was the festival's grand prize in the early days. It was given for the Best Foreign Film and the Best Italian Film.

Nazareno Taddei Award

Nazareno Taddei Award - Special Mention

Netpac Award

Netpac Award - Special Mention

New Cinema Award

New Cinema Award - Special Mention

NuovoImaie Award

NuovoImaie Talent Award

OCIC Award

OCIC Award - Honorable Mention

OCIC Special Award

Open Prize

Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film

Pasinetti Award

Pasinetti Award - Special Mention

Persol Award

Persol Tribute Visionary Talent Award

Photographers Award

Piccioni Award

Pietro Bianchi Award

Plaque Lion St. Marc

  • Plates have been given in the festival's early days.

Plate 'Lion of San Marco'
  • Plates have been given in the festival's early days.

Popular Culture Ministry Cup

Premio Cinematografico "Civitas Vitae prossima" Award

Premio Vivere da Sportivi Award

Premio per la migliore interpretazione

Premium Cinema Talent Award

Prix Pierrot

Prix UIP Venice (European Short Film)
  • The winning film is automatically nominated for the European Short Film Award at the next European Film Awards.

Prize of the Forum for Cinema and Literature

Prize of the International Youth Jury

Prize of the Students of the University 'La Sapienza'

Propaganda Ministry Cup

Queer Lion

Queer Lion - Special Mention

Rota Soundtrack Award

S.I.A.E. Award for Emrging Talent


SIGNIS Award - Honorable Mention

San Giorgio Prize
  • The trophy had been designed by sculptor Francesco Messina.

San Marco Prize
  • The award is given in the Upstream (Controcorrente) section of the festival.

San Marco Prize - Special Mention

San Marco Special Jury Award

San Michele Award

Saturnia Prize

Schermi di Qualità Award

Sergio Trasatti Award

Sergio Trasatti Award - Special Mention

Sfera 1932 Award

Silver Lion

Silver Lion - Revelation

Silver Lion - Short Film

Silver Medal

Silver Mouse

Silver Osella

Smithers Foundation Award

Smithers Foundation Award - Special Mention

Sorriso Diverso Venezia Award

Soundtrack Stars Award

Soundtrack Stars Award - Special Mention

Soundtrack Stars Lifetime Achievement Award

Special Award

Special Director's Award

Special Golden Ciak

Special Jury Citation

Special Jury Prize
  • This award (nowadays) comes with a citation outlining the special qualities of the work and the reasons which for the winner has been chosen.

Special Lion for the Overall Work

Special Mention

Special Pasinetti Award

Special Prize

Special Prize on Occasion of the Festival's Jubilee

Special Recommendation

Special Volpi Cup

Technical Prize

Telepiù Award

Telepiù Award - Special Mention

The President of the Italian Senate's Gold Medal

Tourism Supervision Cup

UAAR Award
  • Predecessor to the "Brian Awards".

UCCA Venticittà Award

UCCA Venticittà Award - Special Mention


UNESCO Award - Special Mention


UNICEF Award - Special Mention



Upstream Prize

Venezia Classici Award

Venezia Genti - Best Feature Film

Venezia Genti - Best Short Film

Venezia Giovani Prize

Venice Authors Prize

Venice Authors Prize - Special Mention

Venice Horizons Award

Venice Horizons Award - Special Jury Prize

Venice Horizons Award - Special Mention

Venice Horizons Award - Special Prize

Venice Horizons Documentary Award

Venice Horizons Youtube Award

Venice TV Prize

Venice TV Prize - Special Mention

Vittorio Veneto Film Festival Award

Vittorio Veneto Film Festival Award - Special Mention

Volpi Award

Volpi Cup
  • From 1980 to 1987 the acting achievements were not awarded a Volpi Cup.

Wella Prize

Young Cinema Award

Young Venice Award

Young Venice Award - Special Mention

Historical Timeline

  • Some voting forms included Mickey Mouse as favorite actor.

  • The festival takes place without an official jury. Awards are given by the festival board based on a referendum amongst the audience, film experts from several countries and the board of the international institute for the educational cinematography.

  • Although the festival is still competitive it takes place without an official jury. Awards are given by the the festival's president based on the decision of Italian and German film delegates.

  • From 1947 to 1950 the Coppa Volpi is known as Premio internazionale al miglior attore/alla migliore attrice.

  • When an Italian Greenpeace delegation went on stage at the awards ceremony showing a banner protesting against the French nuclear tests in Mururoa, they received evening's only standing ovation from the audience as well as from the jury members.

  • The award is not decided on for technical reasons.

  • The Jury of the International Film Critics (Jury FIPRESCI) paid hommage to 'Eric Rohmer', for his consistently innovative work and his unique contribution to modern cinema.

  • The award is suspended because of the loss of the creator and president of the trophy.


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