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  • The Prix Italia was instituted at Capri in 1948 by RAI (then called Radio Italiana) at a meeting of representatives of fourteen broadcasting authorities. The purpose behind the institution of this competition, which was originally only for sound broadcasting, was to show the aesthetic value of a highly popular and widespread form of expression, and to attract the attention of writers, poets and musicians to radio. (from the RAI web site, 2000)
  • From 1957 onwards the competition was extended to include television.
  • The purposes of Prix Italia are: to work for the improvement in the quality of radio and television programmes and to encourage the member organizations to broadcast the entries; to foster cooperation between persons engaged in creative radio and television broadcasting; to stimulate the study and discussion of the cultural and creative problems raised by these two forms of expression. The member organizations make up the General Assembly, which is the executive body of the Prix Italia. To become a member an organization has the statutory duty of providing a nationwide broadcasting service throughout the country. (from the RAI web site, 2000)


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Prix Italia

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