Cannes Film Festival

Cannes, France


  • The festival takes place since 1946.
  • In the years before 1955 the main festival award was named 'Grand Prix du Festival International du Film'.
  • The current form of the Golden Palm has been used since 1997 and has been designed by Caroline Scheufele-Gruosi, CEO of Chopard.


'La Chance de Cannes' Award

20th Anniversary Prize

25th Anniversary Prize

30th Anniversary Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

35th Anniversary Prize

40th Anniversary Prize

45th Anniversary Prize

50th Anniversary Prize

55th Anniversary Prize

60th Anniversary Prize

70th Anniversary Prize

ACID Award


ARTE International Prize

American Pavillon's Emerging Filmmaker Showcase

Arab Critic Award

Audience Award

  • In the earlier days of the festival (40's/50's) a variety of different and partly 'exotic' awards (e.g. Award for Best Poetic Humor) had been given. As these were numerous, but short-lived, they are summarized here and the award names are taken as award's category.

Award of the City of Rome

Award of the Youth
  • The Award of the Youth (Prix de la jeunesse) is acknowledged to be an official festival award since 1993.

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Art Direction

Best Artistic Contribution

Best Cinematography

Best Director
  • The 'Prix de la mise en scène' was changed to the 'Grand prix du cinéma de création' in 1983, but only for that particular year.

Best Film for the Youth

Best First Work

Best Music

Best Screenplay

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

C.I.C.A.E. Award

C.I.C.A.E. Award - Special Mention

CST Artist - Technician Prize

CST Young Film Technician Award

Canal+ Award

Cannes Junior Award

Cannes Soundtrack Award

Carosse d'Or

Chopard Trophy

Cinefondation Award

Cinefondation Award - Special Mention

Cinema Prize of the French National Education System

Cinémas de Recherche - Special Mention
  • The award is given in the Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs) section of the festival.

Critics Week - Special Mention

Critics Week Grand Prize

Critics' Week Grand Prize

DVD Design Award

DVD Heritage Award

Discovery Award

Discovery Award - Special Mention

Doc Alliance Selection Award

FIFA Award


FIPRESCI Prize - Special Award

FIPRESCI Prize - Special Mention

Festival Trophy

France 4 Visionary Award

France Culture Award
  • Originally a domestic honor only, the international category has been introduced in 2001.
  • The award is given on occasion of the festival, but rewards two films, which have been released in France in the past year.

François Chalais Award
  • The award is named in honor of the French film critic François Chalais and was created by his wife Mei Chen Chalais.

François Chalais Award - Special Mention

Gan Foundation Support for Distribution

Gary Cooper Award

Golden Camera

Golden Camera - Special Mention

Golden Coach
  • The statuette is inspired by the Commedia dell'arte characters of Jean Renoir's classic film and has been created by painter-sculptor Lili Le Gouvello.

Golden Eye

Golden Eye - Special Mention

Golden Palm

Grand Golden Rail
  • The award is given in the critics week section (La Semaine de la Critique) of the festival.

Grand Prix International du Film Scientifique - Court Métrage

Grand Prize of the Festival
  • The Grand Prize of the Festival was the predecessor of the Golden Palm.

Grand Prize of the Jury
  • The Grand Jury Prize is considered to be the 'second best' after the Golden Palm.

Gras Savoye Award
  • The award is predecessor to the Unifrance Short Film Grand Prize.

Gras Savoye Award - Special Mention

Hohoa Award

Honorary Golden Palm

Illy Prize

Illy Prize - Special Mention

International Grand Prize of the Association of Film Authors

International Jury Prize

International Peace Award

International Prize

Jury Prize

Jury Prize - Short Film

Jury Special Prize
  • The Jury is given some freedom to give one or two special prizes.

Kering Women in Motion Award

Kering Women in Motion Young Talent Award

Kodak Short Film Award

Kodak Short Film Award - Special Mention

Label Europa Cinemas
  • The "Label Europa Cinemas" is an intiative of the Association "Europa Cinemas" which supports European films, their distribution in Europe and raises awareness about them amongst the public and in the media. In cooperation with the Label, each year a European film in the "Semaine des Réalisateurs" at Cannes, since 2004, during the "Venice Days" in Venice, and since 2005 in the "Panorama" section of the Berlin International Film Festival, a jury of five member cinema operators presents the award to a European film.

Le Premier Regard Award

Leitz Cine Discovery Prize

Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award

Mercedes-Benz Award

NFB Online Short Film Competition

Nikon Discovery Award

Norman McLaren Award

OCIC Award

OCIC Award - Special Mention

Palm Dog

Palm Dog - Jury Prize

Palm Dog - Special Mention

Palm DogManitarian Award

Palm of the Palms
  • On occasion the 50th edition of the festival a special jury of all the living winners of the Golden Palm voted on this award given to a director chosen from all those in competition in any year of the festival who never won the Golden Palm.

Palme d'Or

Palme d'Or - Best Short Film

Palme d'Or Spéciale

Palme de Whiskers

Perspectives du Cinéma Award

Perspectives du Cinéma Award - Special Mention

Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography

Prix France Musique (Original Film Score)

Prix Grand Cru

Prix Regards Jeune

Prix de la citoyenneté

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - Special Award

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - Special Mention

Queer Palm

Queer Palm - Short Film

Queer Palm - Special Mention

Regard Hope Award

Regard Intimity Award

Regard Knockout Award

Regard Original Award

Regards Jeunes Prize

SACD Award

SACD Grand Prize

SACD Prize

SACD Prize (Directors' Fortnight)

SACD Prize (Directors' Fortnight) - Special Mention

SACD Prize - Special Mention

SACD Screenwriting Award

SACD Short Film Award
  • The award is given in the Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs) section of the festival.

SFR Prize
  • The award is given in the Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs) section of the festival.

Small Golden Rail

Special Award

Special Award of the Youth

Special Distinction

Special Mention

Séance "Coup de coeur"

Technical Grand Prize

Technical Grand Prize - Special Mention

UCMF Film Music Award

Un Certain Regard - A Certain Talent Prize

Un Certain Regard - Avenir Prize

Un Certain Regard - Best Actor

Un Certain Regard - Best Actress

Un Certain Regard - Best Director

Un Certain Regard - Directing Prize

Un Certain Regard - Ensemble Prize

Un Certain Regard - Jury Coup de Coeur

Un Certain Regard - Poetry of Cinema Award

Un Certain Regard - Prize of Courage

Un Certain Regard - Prize of Originality

Un Certain Regard - Prize of the Jury President

Un Certain Regard - Screenplay Prize

Un Certain Regard - Special Distinction of the Jury

Un Certain Regard - Special Jury Prize

Un Certain Regard Award

Un Certain Regard Award - Special Mention

Un Certain Regard Jury Prize

Un Regard Neuf Short Film Prize

Unifrance Short Film Grand Prize
  • The award is successor to the Gras Savoye Award.

Vulcain Prize for the Technical Artist

Vulcain Prize for the Technical Artist - Special Mention

Young Cinema Award

Young Critics Award

Historical Timeline

  • The first Cannes Film Festival had been planned for 1939. It had to be canceled, because World War II broke out. For its 55th anniversary in 2002 the festival decided to screen 12 films from the original selection, seven of which would be "in competition" and be retrospectively judged by a contemporary jury.

  • The atomic bombs of 1945 are still taboo as a subject. Resnais's Hiroshima mon amour (1959) is excluded from the official selection in order not to upset the US government.

  • The name of the festival's grand prix 'Golden Palm' is abandoned and changed to 'Grand Prix International du Festival'. (It will be called 'Golden Palm' again from 1975.)

  • The Grand Prix is named 'Grand prix du vingtième anniversaire du Festival international du film' for the festival's 20th anniversary.
  • A new non-competitive festival section called "Directors' Fortnight" is created.

  • A new non-competitive and informative festival section called 'Étude et documents' is created.
  • Another non-competitive festival section called 'Perspectives du Cinéma Français' is initiated by the French Film Directors' Society (1973-1991).

  • The name of the festival's grand prix is again changed to 'Golden Palm' after it had been abandoned in 1964.
  • A new non-competitive festival section called 'Les Yeux Fertiles' is created, focusing on films dealing with other arts (1975-1977).
  • A day before the festival opens a bomb is found in the Palais. The 'People's Struggle Against the Perversion of Humanity', is never heard of again.

  • A new non-competitive festival section called 'L'Air du temps' is created, focusing on films dealing with contemporary subjects (1976-1977).

  • A new non-competitive festival section called 'Le Passé composé' is created, solely for compilations. It will be celebrated in 1977 only.

  • A new non-competitive festival section called 'Un Certain Regard' is created replacing the sections 'Les Yeux Fertiles' (1975-1977), 'L'Air du temps' (1976-1977) and 'Le Passé composé' (1977).

  • The surprise film, Tarkovsky's Stalker (1979), is interrupted due to strikes held by the electricians.



  • The retrospectives are introduced, from 1992 on called 'Cinéma de toujour'.

  • The retrospectives become an official name: 'Cinéma de toujour'.
  • The section formerly known as 'Perspectives du Cinéma Français' (1973-1991) is renamed to 'Cinémas en France'.

  • The festival will have a short film jury from now on.

  • The winning film for the first festival, which actually was canceled in 1939 due to the beginning of World War II, was decided on retrospectively by a jury in 2002.

  • For the first time in the history of the festival, president Gilles Jacob gave the jury an opportunity to explain their Golden Palm choices.

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