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What You Will (and Won't) See in the Snyder Cut of Justice League

What Happened: Over Comic-Con@Home weekend, Justice League was the only movie that had its own convention, and Zack Snyder didn't disappoint. He joined the fan-run Justice Con to address the status of his upcoming superhero recut. "You probably saw one-fourth of what I did," Snyder said, then shared that he's using unseen footage from the original production and shooting new scenes with the entire principal cast. The director's mic-drop moment: Announcing that the new version will not use a single frame of what Joss Whedon shot after Snyder's family tragedy caused him to leave the production. Let's just say that Snyder used more colorful language when referring to what Whedon created.

Our Take: We figure we'll hear more about what form the project will take during DC FanDome on August 22, mainly whether Zack Snyder's Justice League will be a miniseries or four-hour movie when it hits HBO Max in 2021. Fans are still wondering about Ezra Miller's status as The Flash after his recent controversy, and what might happen with Ray Fisher's remarks about Joss Whedon's on-set behavior. As for the movie itself, bypassing a traditional release in favor of streaming, Snyder's biggest coup will be his ability to deliver a critic-proof gift to his fanbase.

Source: Justice Con

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George Carlin Will Appear in Bill & Ted Face the Music

What Happened: While sharing his reaction after watching Bill & Ted Face the Music, panel moderator Kevin Smith let it slip that the late George Carlin appears in the film. Praising the movie, Smith gushed that, "seeing George pop up for a moment was like, everything." No details on how Carlin, who passed away in 2008, will be making his appearance, whether through archival footage or CGI, and no comment or confirmation was offered by the filmmakers. In previously announced news, the movie will hit VOD on Sept. 1. Oh, and select movie theaters, too.

Our Take: Hopefully Rufus' Excellent Journey prediction that Bill and Ted's music will end war and poverty can come true, even if it's just on the big screen.

Source: Comic-Con@Home 'Bill & Ted Face the Music' Panel

Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller-Bridge Reunite on "His Dark Materials" Season 2

What Happened: Andrew Scott announced "Fleabag" co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be joining Season 2 of "His Dark Materials" as the voice of his osprey daemon, Sayan Kötör.

Our Take: If we don’t get one fourth-wall break by Sayan the osprey in Season 2 we will be so disappointed...

Source: Comic-Con@Home "His Dark Materials" Panel

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"The Dragon Prince" Picked Up for Season 4

What Happened: Co-creator and showrunner Aaron Ehasz revealed that "The Dragon Prince" has been renewed not only for a fourth season but for the "complete saga." While the exact number of seasons picked up wasn't confirmed, Ehasz has previously shared a plan for seven seasons on Twitter.

Our Take: "Avatar: The Last Airbender" has been a huge hit for Netflix, and it sounds like it's ready to double-down on this series from former "Avatar" head writer, Aaron Ehasz.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Zoom into Xadia" Panel

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Nandor Might Find Love in "What We Do in the Shadows" Season 3

What Happened: As "What We Do in the Shadows" continues to convert humans into superfans, we learned a bit about its next season: Nandor (Kayvan Novak) might be on the hunt for a romantic connection, while Colin will trace his origin as an energy vampire. When asked if we can expect any new magical creatures in Season 3, executive producer and writer Stefani Robinson gave a clear signal that we'll meet some gargoyles who live on the edifices of buildings, but we didn't quite know how to take the tease about a hell hound joining the cast since Kayvan Novak "turned himself into a cat" after the announcement (really Novak just introduced his cat into the Zoom chat).

Our Take: We're definitely intrigued by who might play a potential romantic interest for Nandor, but we freely admit to being most interested in what looks to be a big story arc for Colin (Mark Proksch) in Season 3 since he's become of favorite member of this lovable ensemble.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "What We Do in the Shadows" Panel

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"The Right Stuff" Season 2 Will Tell Untold Stories of the Space Program

What Happened: Though there was no announcement of when "The Right Stuff" Season 1 will debut on Disney+, executive producer Jennifer Davisson let us know about a potential direction for Season 2: "We chose to focus on [the Mercury program] this season, but it was a missed opportunity. Because there are these incredible untold stories within the space program … Ed Dwight was meant to be one of the first astronauts who was an African-American man …"

Our Take: Davisson also namechecked Katherine Johnson, who was spotlighted in Hidden Figures, so we’re getting a clear signal that the show is keen to get into the complexity of racial issues in 1950s/1960s America. Now we really, really need that Season 1 release date news.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "The Right Stuff" Panel

Elisabeth Shue, Chace Crawford, and Erin Moriarty in The Boys (2019)

"The Boys" Has Been Renewed for Season 3

What Happened: Series co-creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg cameoed at the "The Boys" panel to announce an early Season 3 renewal by Amazon Studios. Panel moderator and friend of IMDb, Aisha Tyler, also announced she would host a weekly after-show!

Our Take:The Boys" was one of the top series on IMDb in 2019, and we can't wait to see more. In a world filled with superhero adaptations, the show takes a look at the dark side of hero worship. Here's hoping Season 3 shows us even more shades of gray.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "The Boys" Panel

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"The Walking Dead" Season 11 Premiere Delayed

What Happened: Bad news first: for the first time in the show’s history, "The Walking Dead" will not unleash a new season this October. However! Despite coronavirus-related delays, the Season 10 finale will air on Oct. 4, and S10 is getting six extra hour-long episodes in early 2021. Production has not begun on Season 11, so that premiere is still TBD, though we’re keeping our hopes up for an Oct. 2021 debut.

Our Take: As TV and film production is getting back in action, we’re taking the "TWD" announcements as optimistic news that the show is keeping its cast and crew safe and healthy as the writers room — which is in session according to showrunner Angela Kang — brings the show into Season 11.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "The Walking Dead" Panel

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"Fear the Walking Dead" Will Jump Around in Time

What Happened: In answer to a fan question about a character's beard growth in the Season 6 trailer, "Fear the Walking Dead" executive producer Scott M. Gimple was excited to give this cryptic reply: "Not only is there a time jump, but there might be time jumps."

Our Take: As some of the cast members have described the upcoming season as "daring," "deceptive," and "a look at the other side of everyone," we're excited what this darker season will bring when "FTWD" returns on Oct. 11.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Fear the Walking Dead" Panel

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"The Walking Dead: World Beyond" Premieres Oct. 4

What Happened: A never-before-seen teaser for new series, "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" premiered at the start of the panel, giving fans a first look at what will unfold for the first generation children of the zombie apocalypse that is the basis of the "The Walking Dead" franchise. "It's total discovery. People don't know what's coming next. It's very exciting to surprise them," said Scott M. Gimple.

Our Take: While further continuation of the "Walking Dead" concept can feel like beating an un-dead horse, we're intrigued by the POV shift to the youngest generation impacted by the zombie takeover, from flashbacks to "The Night the Sky Fell," to exploration of Monument Day, a day of reflection teased in the Comic-Con trailer.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" Panel


"Star Trek: Prodigy" Introduced Into the Universe

What Happened: A previously announced animated "Star Trek" series for Nickelodeon — focusing on the adventures of a group of teenagers who steal a derelict Starfleet vessel — has been given a new name, "Star Trek: Prodigy," as well as a 2021 release date. Additionally, following a table read of the "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 finale, a title card confirmed that the series is still coming to CBS All Access in 2020 and has not been delayed into 2021.

Our Take: "Star Trek" has been exploring new frontiers for over 50 years, and it's clear ViacomCBS is looking to find the next generation of audience members with this CG take. After seeing the success of "The Clone Wars" in bringing in new fans to the Star Wars franchise, we say make it so! We also can't wait to see who will be the new captain when "Star Trek: Discovery" returns.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Star Trek Universe" Panel

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Gillian Flynn Runs "Utopia" in Her Own Unique Way

What Happened: Showrunner Gillian Flynn might be going in a new direction with her adaptation of the UK cult TV show that almost didn't make it to US shores.

Our Take: We're just relieved this show is being made at all, after it was nearly mothballed several years ago when Flynn was developing the project with David Fincher at HBO. So, as fans of the UK series, hearing that Flynn looked more to paranoia thrillers of the 1970s instead of the original makes us eager to see if Jessica Hyde messes with the narrative in unexpected ways.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Utopia" Panel

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"Upload" Creator Greg Daniels Teases Season 2

What Happened: Without sharing too many specifics, Greg Daniels gave fans a heads up on what's to come. "There's going to be a lot more new tech, we're going to find out more about the Ludd [family] and their community, and we're gonna see Nora and Nathan change Lakeview," he shared.

Our Take: "Greg is so good at creating these relationships between people that feel so real and are so relatable," said Robbie Amell during the panel. We love Daniels' work for just that reason, and know that he'll dream up even more whimsical-yet-believable aspects of the Lakeview world for Season 2.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Upload" Panel

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The New Mutants Still Slated for an Aug. 28 Theatrical Release

What Happened: The New Mutants panel kicked off with a rundown of the previous release dates: April 13, 2018; Feb. 22, 2019; Aug. 2, 2019; and April 3, 2020 before landing on the previously announced release date of Aug. 28, crushing rumors of a possible VOD or Disney+ release.

Our Take: We definitely didn’t expect for the theatrical release date to stick, but as they also announced a sweepstakes for a fan preview screening, The New Mutants looks to be hopefully moving forward. Fingers crossed a sixth release date isn’t on the horizon.

Source: Comic-Con@Home 'The New Mutants' Panel

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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Tease "Truth Seekers"

What Happened: BFFs Simon Pegg and Nick Frost revealed a first look at their upcoming supernatural comedy series "Truth Seekers" at the show's Comic-Con@Home panel. The eight-episode series is set for release on Prime Video this fall.

Our Take: This hilarious pair taking on the topics of paranormal activity, ghost hunting, and haunted destinations is a recipe for massive success. We're watching Shaun of the Dead for the millionth time while we wait for this new collab to drop.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Truth Seekers" Panel

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Character Fates Are Sealed on "Vikings"

What Happened: When asked to give a hint of what fans could expect in the final episodes of "Vikings," writer/showrunner Michael Hirst said: "The characters who we all (including me) have grown to love will all have their fates decided. Whether they live or die is of course in the hands of the gods. (Although I had a hand in it too.) I tried to do justice to all my characters, and I hope I've suceeded."

Our Take: We’re genuinely sad to finally arrive at the end of the Lothbrok clan's story, but after six epic seasons we are certain that Michael Hirst will deliver us a satisfying, although bittersweet end.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Vikings" Panel

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Marvel Goes Horror With "Helstrom"

What Happened: "Helstrom" sure doesn't look like any other Marvel TV show – for a reason. Showrunner Paul Zbyszewski didn't get into certain details, but he did treat his cast to a first look at the series trailer, then let us know that all ten episodes of the show, which focuses on a brother-sister duo who track down the worst of humanity, will be available starting Oct. 16.

Our Take: If you're familiar with the show's history, you already know that Marvel has lightly distanced itself from Daimon and Ana Helstrom due to their, uhhh, spotty family history (they're the offspring of a serial killer). Note that it’s "Helstrom," not "Marvel's Helstrom." We have our eye on how the show will fare on Hulu. At one point, it seemed like Marvel's "Runaways" might have been a one-and-done casualty at Hulu before it was renewed for two additional seasons.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Helstrom" Panel

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"Marvel's 616" Brings the Obscure Comics Characters

What Happened: Describing his "Marvel's 616" episode about obscure and forgotten comic characters, director Paul Scheer explains how Marvel is like "a family reunion ... We all know the major players. But then there's that weird uncle that you only see like once every four years. What is up with him?"

Our Take: Never mind Guardians of the Galaxy — remember when it was a massive risk to make Iron Man? Here's hoping that "Marvel's 616" will introduce MCU fans to an entire universe of underseen characters.

Source: Comic-Con@Home "Marvel's 616" Panel

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Guillermo del Toro's "Silver Bullet" to Shooting During a Pandemic

What Happened: Speaking at a panel for the upcoming horror film, Antlers, producer Guillermo del Toro addressed the challenges of shooting his next film, Nightmare Alley, amid a global pandemic. "I think we've found the silver bullet ... to make it work," he said, going on to explain how he's employed complex and precise scheduling of cast and crew to execute what he describes as a "large, surgical theater."

Our Take: While the pandemic is takes its toll on Hollywood production, del Toro manages to bring us hope, as he sees today's challenges as a way to evolve the filmmaking process and use those constraints to innovate. As for Antlers director Scott Cooper, he'd like to reunite more than once with frequent star Christian Bale, and another project he feels is a custom fit for Elisabeth Moss.

Source: Comic-Con@Home 'Antlers' Panel

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