Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is X-Ray for Movies & TV?
    X-Ray for Movies & TV is a feature available on Kindle and Wii U devices that enables Amazon Instant Video viewers to easily and seamlessly learn more about the video they’re watching. It is designed to enrich the experience of watching movies and TV shows by embedding IMDb’s content into the Amazon Instant Video viewing experience.

  • How does it work?
    With a simple screen tap Amazon Instant Video accesses IMDb’s unrivaled content, enriching the viewing experience by answering such questions as “Who’s That Actor?”, “What else were they in?”, “What song is that?” and for TV shows, “Who’s that character?” X-Ray for Movies & TV also provides viewers fun, informative, and interesting trivia in context with the action on the screen. Trivia topics include, general movie facts, location information, scene goofs, crazy credits, dialog and scene references, and dialog explanations.

  • How many titles are enabled with X-Ray for Movies & TV? Why aren’t more available? What criteria did you use to determine the selection of titles for X-Ray?
    Currently X-Ray is on thousands of movies and TV episodes including Best Picture Oscar® winners, Emmy® winners, titles from IMDb’s Top 250 list, box office hits, and Amazon Instant Video bestsellers. We prioritize the inclusion of X-Ray for Movies & TV content based upon a title’s popularity with IMDb and Amazon Instant Video viewers. The selection of titles continues to grow considerably, and the vision is to make X-Ray available on every movie and TV show ever created.

  • Do all X-Ray for Movies & TV titles have music, trivia, and character content?
    Currently X-Ray actor content is available on all Kindle Fire devices, but music, trivia, and, TV character backstories are available only on the newest Kindle Fires announced on 9/25/13.

  • When will more TV shows and movies be added?
    We add X-Ray to new movie and TV content each week.

  • Is X-Ray for Movies & TV available in my region?
    X-Ray for Movies & TV is currently available for thousands of Amazon Instant Video titles in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

  • How can I launch X-Ray for Movies & TV while watching an Amazon Instant Video?
    You can tap or swipe the screen, or pause the video to launch X-Ray.

  • How can I tell if a video supports X-Ray for Movies & TV?
    Look for “Includes X-Ray” on a title’s Amazon Instant Video detail page, or in search results.

  • Can I see X-Ray without owning or renting an Amazon Instant Video title or Prime Instant Video title?
    No. You can’t view X-Ray for a movie or TV show without owning or renting it through Amazon Instant Video or Prime Instant Video.

  • Is X-Ray for Movies & TV available for titles that are not part of Prime Instant Videos?
    Yes. In addition to Prime Instant titles, X-Ray for Movies & TV is also available thousands of popular movies and TV shows available on Amazon Instant Video.

  • Can I turn X-Ray off?
    X-Ray is always on, but it contextually appears only when you tap on the video. You can close the X-Ray card by tapping anywhere outside the card or by tapping the close button on top right.

  • When will you launch X-Ray for Movies & TV on other AIV apps and connected devices?
    Based on user response and other factors we will evaluate additional platforms from which to help Amazon customers discover and enjoy the X-Ray experience.

  • How did you put together the elements shown in X-Ray for every title?
    X-Ray is powered by IMDb, the most authoritative collection of movie, TV and celebrity content in the world, complied over more than 20 years. With more than 130 million data items in its searchable database, including more than 4 million cast and crew members, X-Ray is a natural extension of IMDb’s unique assets.

  • Is additional IMDb data now available for Amazon Instant Video viewers beyond the information that is part of the X-Ray experience?

    Yes. Amazon has worked with IMDb to offer Kindle Fire, ROKU, X-Box, and Wii U owners more information than ever before about movies and TV shows. Amazon Instant Video movie and TV detail pages are now enhanced with IMDb’s unrivaled data, including ratings, cast and crew information, trivia, quotes, goofs and more.

  • Why isn’t every actor or song identified in each scene on any title that is “X-Ray Enabled”?
    X-Ray for Movies & TV identifies almost all credited songs, actors, and notable cameos for enabled videos. If you think we’ve missed a song, an actor or a cool piece of trivia that should be included, join our ever growing contributor base and help us improve the IMDb experience by entering the new content via the IMDb website. You can find a handy guide here.

  • Can I buy the music I hear in the movies from X-Ray?
    Yes, while watching a video you can seamlessly buy any song that X-Ray identifies, as long as it is sold on If the MP3 isn’t available, we will direct you to the physical CD. If neither the MP3 nor the CD is available for sale on, X-Ray still identities the song and artist, but there won’t be the option to purchase it.