Title: Life? or Theatre? Trailer
Description: Leben? oder Theater? Ein Singespiel – that is what Charlotte Salomon (Berlin, 1917 – Auschwitz, 1943) called her painted life’s story in 700 painted pages.
Just before she was deported she gave it for safe Keeping with the words “Keep this safe – it is my whole life!”

During preparations for the feature Charlotte (1980), the makers were given a previously unpublished letter by Charlotte’s stepmother, Paula Salomon-Lindberg, with a request not to use its contents in the film.

In this letter, written to her great love, Charlotte describes the circumstances surrounding the making of Life? or Theatre?, makes a moving confession and for the first time we get close to the “real” Charlotte.

In his latest documentary – bearing the same name as her life’s work – Frans Weisz provides a fascinating picture of the life of the young artist, but also confronts people who knew Charlotte or her work with her letter: a posthumous revelation that throws new light on the last period of her life.
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