Title: The Flight of the Swan Trailer
Description: The subject of the film is a large ecological destruction with many human casualties.
The drive for success over 20 years transforms a youn idealist into the embodiment of everything he hates. A cataclysmic ecological and human tragedy shakes him to his
Related Titles: The Flight of the Swan
Related Names:Andreas Franghias, Giannis Vouros, Tom Frederic, Joan Borsten, Vicky Koumoutsou, Betty Maggira, Yannis Xanthoulis, Vassilis Mavromatis, Yannis Tsitsopoulos, Stratos Kaniamos, James D'Arcy, Georgina Rylance, Lucas Thanos, Dimitris Alexandris, Thanasis Tsaltabasis, Angelos Antonopoulos, Nikos Tzimas, Mpampis Tsikliropoulos, Petros Fyssoun, Alexandros Logothetis, Thanassis Valtinos, Ieroklis Michaelidis, Dimitris Makalias, Nikos Psarras, Aris Stavrou
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