Trailer ("Ghost Blunders" TV Trailer)

Title: Ghost Blunders Trailer ("Ghost Blunders" TV Trailer)
Description: A new scripted half hour comedy series that spoofs all the popular ghost hunting reality shows!

Starring: Roberto Lombardi, Matt Locker, Edward X. Young, Gregory R. Campbell, Vinny Titone and DiJone'e Mobley.

2010 John Orrichio Films / RTL Productions, LLC
Related Titles: Ghost Blunders
Related Names:Roberto Lombardi, Vinny Titone, John Orrichio, Richard 'Bucky' Szulborski, DiJone'e Mobley, Coleen Trimmer, Matt Locker, Kim Santiago, Gregory R. Campbell, Edward X. Young, Brian M. Wixson, Mary Foley
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