Title: Casablanca Express Trailer
Description: WW II; when a crack unit of Nazi Sturmtruppen kidnapped Churchill on a train half way across the Moroccan desert, it was down to a few fearless, unsung heroes from the British Secret Intelligence Service and a U.S. Marine Platoon to rescue the British Prime Minister and prevent a devastating Nazi victory which would have changed the course of the War and the world as we know it.

In November 1942 the Allied forces seized North Africa from pro-German Vichy France and occupied Casablanca, Algiers and Oran. Just a few months later, in January 1943, the British Prime Minister Winston Spencer Churchill, the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt and France’s General de Gaulle held a conference in Casablanca to establish their strategy to win the war and demand the ‘unconditional surrender’ of the Axis powers.

Churchill’s plane took off from London on the night of 12 January 1943 on his way to meet Roosevelt and de Gaulle, but his journey was to prove more difficult than expected… and remains shrouded in mystery as many other Wartime legends are to this day..

Casablanca Express is released on DVD from Argent Films Ltd.
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