Title: Identity Theft Trailer
Description: After winning 50 million dollars in the lottery, Matt Walker thought that he'd found the perfect woman one evening when he met Karen Bristol...she was smart, gorgeous and wanted him for his body...only trouble was that's all she wanted from him. Upon waking the next morning Matt discovers that his mind has some how be transferred into Karen's body...and that the being now in his body explains that he has lived throughout the centuries moving from body to body whenever the mood strikes him. Now forced out onto the street, the new 'Karen' discovers that she is penniless and wanted by the police. In desperation she turns to her lecherous best friend Brian and ex girl friend Lisa, but unless Matt can find a way back to his own body, he will have to live the rest of his life as a true victim of Identity Theft.
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Related Names:Laura Weintraub, Tim Cowgill, Rachel Hardy, Larry Duncan, Rick Pratt, Gabriel Olivera, James A. Ward, Mikey Cole, Art Peters, Lorraine MacDonald, Wendy McBride, Crystal Phillips, Terra Bennett, Carrie Hardy, Kimberly Peters, Zsashoah Jenkins, Chris Carnicelli, Catherine Elliott, Alex Mandelberg, Gary Cunial, Patrick Beckstead, Sandy Pratt, Jim Diderrich, Q.T. Pants, Pat Newbert, Robert Bruce, Jeff Baker, Michael Cole
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