Title: A Distant Thunder Trailer
Description: Things are not always as they seem. Fighting to keep her fragile sanity from unraveling, attorney Ann Brown is assigned a murder case challenging everything she holds sacred. Reality and tormenting delusions collide and terrifying secrets are exposed, r
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Related Names:Andrea V. Rossotto, Charlene Tilton, John Eric Bentley, Aaron Coleman, Susan Carol Davis, Jonathan Flora, Melissa Greenspan, Tom Kane, Peter Renaday, Laura Richardson, Deborah Flora, Steven I. Schafer, Diane Sellers, Joanne Takahashi, Ned Vaughn, Ethan Wilson, Tina Morasco, Steve Bauman, Zeke Rettman, Selah Victor, Gloria Vives, Olivia Flora, Terry Brown, David Emma, Danielle Riecks, Benjamin Flora, Corrie Tuffendsam, Kip Perry
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