Title: Bad Apples Trailer
Description: Bad Apples is a television series surrounding a group of four artists in their late twenties, living in New York City, struggling to make their artistic dreams come true. It’s a tragedy…obviously.
Related Titles: Bad Apples
Related Names:Jerry Baxtron Jr., Kristin Quinn, Josh Folan, Patrick Woodall, Melissa Patterson, Phil Burke, Edward Furs, Matt Jared, Ginger Kroll, Kathy Searle, Madeline Reed, Josh Billig, Shea Elmore, Nick Kowalczyk, Ryan Charles, Frank Licata, Leon Wilson, Brice Foster, Inayah Amin, Dylan Robnett, Chantal Grosvenor, Molly C. Blau, Constance Parng, Matthew Hennessey, Asa Williams, Trey Mitchell, Jesse Cannella, Wayne Brusseau, Aubrey Neal
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