Title: 1st Person Shooter Trailer
Description: Video Game reviewer, Traci Nessi, documents a pair of game designers as they try to finish their newest (and possibly last,) game. What she finds is a company flying by the seat of its pants, filled with clueless producers, crazy artists, and overbearing play-testers. In the dizzying weeks leading up to delivery, things are made more complicated when she learns that one of the two designers has secretly been in love with her for years.
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Related Names:Christopher Stack, Anna Perilo, Graeme Lowry, Kristen Meinhold, Aaron Vattano, Kyle Knauf, Kyle DeVriendt, Susan Smythe, Mary Druzba, Brittany McCoy Boardman, Brian T. Stevenson, Sean Rourke, Andrew Johnston, Annie Kirby, Jack Conway, Tiffany Smith
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