Title: Noche transfigurada Trailer
Description: Very few things in life come up as you wanted and nothing is what it looks like but anyhow, anytime everything can change HELENA wanders around after finding her boyfriend with a strange and fascinating woman. She reviews her life while tries to chase this woman, meeting funny characters who hang around in a summer night. A comedy about human relations, about taking control on your life when you are at your lowest, but things can always get worse
Related Titles: Noche transfigurada
Related Names:Alexia Muiños, Romina Cocca, Arantxa Peña, Rubén Arroyo, Laura Martuscelli, Olalla Muiños, Santiago Gómez, Susana Sanz, Ramon Polo, Roberta Pasquinucci, Alicia Fernández, Assumpció Ortet, Alex Brull, Christian Rodrigo
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