Title: Esterhazy Trailer
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The hero is a young, purblind and sawn-off bunny Esterhazy from the Esterhazy-Dynasty in Vienna. He is sent to Berlin by the Patriarch Count Esterhazy, to find a huge, healthy and beefy bunny woman near by some mysterious Berlin Wall. After a long, extensive search he finds his paradise (bunnies’ paradise that existed in the reality in between the East and West part of the famous Berlin Wall). Esterhazy will move there with the love of his life: Mimi, but as it is 1989… the Berlin Wall comes down…

The story describes the most important political event of the recent European history – the Fall of the Berlin Wall from an unknown “bunny point of view”. With its humorous keynote the audience will live through the adventures of the hero-bunny Esterhazy the upheaval in that special time of European history.
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Related Names:Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Jolanta Fraszynska, Krzysztof Kowalewski, Bohdan Lazuka, Monika Sajko, Maciej Stuhr, Borys Szyc, Robert Wieckiewicz, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Wiktor Zborowski, Jamila Wenske, Roma Gasiorowska, Anna Jadowska, Maria Peszek, Max Knoth, Maria Blicharska, Dirk Schreier, Izabela Plucinska, Irene Dische
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