Trailer (The Void - Web Series Trailer)

Title: The Void Trailer (The Void - Web Series Trailer)
Description: The year 2037. Twenty years have passed since humanity was nearly extinguished by a devastating apocalypse leaving what's left of the human race struggling to survive. Five heroes known as The Paladin hold in their possession The Divinity Scroll, a document of immense power that caused the end of the world, and must ensure it never falls into the wrong hands. The Paladin are led by Alistair, an elderly warrior and rightful holder of the scroll, who commands the next generation of heroes to defend the innocent. Gabriel, Caleb, Blair, and Sage form a strong bond of friendship towards one another as they have been chosen to help bring the world out of darkness by any means necessary. However dark forces, raider factions, and other mysterious villains wish to steal the scroll and with it unleash a fury over the remaining human race. It is up to Gabriel and his allies to withstand the onslaught of their enemies, withhold justice, and defend freedom as they travel the American wasteland of The Void.
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