Full Movie (La Ultima Cena)

Title: La última cena Full Movie (La Ultima Cena)
Description: La última cena / The last dinner (Synopsis and concept)

(Of how fear caused by events or traumas can distort our view of reality, and often how once we face that fear, we see it for what it really is - a figment of our imagination less potent and menacing than we first thought)

A man hides in a building from an army that is searching for him (The army represents Fear). The man reaches a window and he prepares to commit suicide as he feels there is no escape from
his situation; In those last moments the man doubts if he is to jump or not, and inside his mind he tries to imagine what his future would be in a final desperate attempt to seek out any hope beyond
the fear that chases him;

Through a symbolic dinner, the man and a projection of himself in old age will together search for the strength and the courage that will allow him to face his fear, so that they can stimulate an awakening that allows him to see what really is within that fear (What is there over those boots that chase him everywhere? who is carrying those boots?)

To look deeply at life provides understanding, and this understanding frees us from fear (To look and to listen deeper.. so that the veils that blind us dissolve...)
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