Title: Spook Clip
Description: SPOOK-A Political Thriller with a Supernatural Twist. Based on the chilling true story of a former C.I.A. sniper,Spook unlocks the dark secret of Canada's covert involvement in the Vietnam war, and the 40,000 Canadians who secretly fought there.
Related Titles: Spook
Related Names:Jay Brazeau, Ken Camroux-Taylor, Bill Croft, Rachel Cronin, Garvin Cross, Deborah DeMille, Holly Elissa, Roger Haskett, Victor Khong, Peter LaCroix, Kim Le, Barry W. Levy, Suzanne Ristic, Laara Sadiq, Malcolm Stewart, Bob Wilde, Raugi Yu, Matt Fentiman, Jaron Albertin, Eric Brecker, Andrew Guerre, Eric Leblanc
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