Title: Pizza with Bullets Trailer
Description: A romantic comedy in the genre of "Moonstruck," that tells the story of Don Vito Perspirino, a Mob Boss who is suddenly revived from his deathbed by the drifting aroma of pizza into his bedroom, delivered by a young pizza maker Johnny Casanova, who the Don
thinks is his long lost son. The Don's obsession with Johnny sparks all sorts of dysfunction with the members of his crime family, specifically Gino, his second in command who had takeover objectives that have now been thwarted by Don Vito's renewed health.
Johnny is a mischievous guy engaged to beautiful Lisa Tortellini, who's unaware he's into the mob (Don Vito's family) for 50 G'S in gambling debts. Johnny tries to dismiss the Don's growing fatherly advances while dealing with the evil Gino who wants to knock off
both the Don and Johnny. What happens is a sequence of events and character clashes that culminates in a surprising confession, happy reunion and just reward for the not so "Good Fella's."

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