Title: La La Land Trailer
Description: In a riotous modern-day version of The Odd Couple, the dynamic duo of Jessica (a straitlaced, neurotic attorney) and Bunny (a detox obsessed nude model) find themselves—through a series of unfortunate events-- roommates in the wilds of Hollywood.
Related Titles: La La Land
Related Names:Rodolphe Portier, Okiko Saito, Yoyao Hsueh, Elizabeth Pan, Nia Jervier, Joe Peracchio, Julie Inmon, George Shaw, J. Peyton Worley, Julia Cho, Rebecca Heneise, Jennifer Betit Yen, Feodor Chin, James Jolly, Kelvin Han Yee, Erich Lane, Kelley Portier, Timothy Jang, Shevaun Kastl
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