Title: The Reinactors Trailer
Description: The misadventures of impersonators and celebrity look-a-likes on Hollywood Boulevard. These characters are literally right out of the movies, yet the unforeseen drama of their lives eclipses the bizarre array of Hollywood film icons they appropriate.
Related Titles: The Reinactors
Related Names:Lee Ranaldo, Antony Berrios, David Born, Gel Gex, David Markey, Ray Manzarek, Arlene Parness, Tuck John Porter, Abby Travis, Devo, Kevin Church, Drevon Cooks, Maxwell Allen, Gerard Christian Zacher, Christopher Dennis, Matthew Muhl, Tiena Marie Johns, Gary A. Downe, Michael A. Luce, Thomas Parsons, Marty Porter, Melissa Weiss, Henry Avalos, Damon Knight, Mitchell Schonberner, Sean Vezina, Thomas Rocheblaue, Tony Tomey, Neil Moryson, Johnny 'Elvis' Foster, David Billingsley, Kevin Barner, Omar Budhoo, Fred Young, Adam Allee, Juan R. Simmons, Bonnie Finkenthal Dennis, Sandra Lee Allen
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