Title: Love Game Trailer
Morton has to make a decision wether to pursue his dreams or to please his fathers aims. The love to Theresa helps him to find his way. But Theresa has a secret: she is addicted to gambling.
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Related Names:Stefan Hauck, Volker Herold, Patrick Knippel, Nina-Friederike Gnädig, Gunter Schoß, Lutz Lansemann, Florian Stetter, Martin Menzel, Karin Düwel, Marie Gruber, Kerstin Reimann, Bruno F. Apitz, Maggie Peren, Konstantin Kröning, Ulrike Hauff, Tom Batoy, Michael Günther, Leander Carell, Steffen Reuter, Britta Sauer, Henning Peker, Franco Tortora, Andreas Helmle, Olaf Burmeister, Gitta Schweighöfer, Christian Schmidt, Beate Furcht
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