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Title: tt1361866 Trailer (The Horror Theater)
Description: Trilogy of Asian taste horror movie.
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Episode 1 "Pulse" Chris and Johnny are amateur scientists researching a rumored ghost sighting, with the help of Chris's step sister Jennifer. When they investigate a house allegedly haunted by the victim of a serial killer their experiment soon goes wrong, and the curse of the ghost exceeds their expectations. Episode 2 "Crayon" A young married couple, Kate and Chris, move into a new house. A few days later Kate finds a red crayon left on the floor, and is puzzled since they have no children. Soon she finds the crayon again, and strange noises seem to emanate from the walls, ultimately leading them to discover the old building's frightening secret. Based on Japanese urban legend. Episode 3 "Hindsight" In attempt to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend, Jennifer sublets a room in the home of a young Japanese woman, Mika. One day Jennifer finds a strange man sleeping on her roommates bed, but by the time Mika returns, the man is gone. As more mysterious incidents occur, Jennifer becomes suspicious of Mika's increasingly bizarre behavior, and both women discover their forgotten past. Written by Hiroshi Katagiri
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Related Names:David Andrews, Jeff Bollman, Hiroshi Katagiri, Becky Wahlstrom, Joe Fria, Ben Simonetti, Sarah Sido, Mami Arizono, Yuan Liu, Michael O'Brien
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