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Title: Tattoos: A Scarred History Trailer
Description: From people with tattoo’s on every body part, to tattoo’s for the blind, this controversial documentary will take you on a visually stunning, and sometimes disturbing journey into the world of tattoo’s.

The film takes a sociological look at tattoos and tries to answer the question of why tattoos have become such a large part of today’s society. From interviews with sociologists and psychologists, we explore the history of tattoo’s and take a look at the world of tattoos from it's war against the church to one of the most shocking tattoos ever designed.

The film also delves into the minds of people to discover their emotional and personal reasons for getting a tattoo, including Meg Gaffney’s powerful story as she seeks a tattoo artist to replicate her nipples after battling cancer.

Incorporated into the film is the celebrity survey and stories from names such as: Julie Benz, Ana Matronic (Scissor Sisters), Warwick Davies, Kaiser Chiefs, Leslie Phillips CBE, David 'Kill Bill' Carradine, Shawnee Smith, film director John Landis, wrestler Mick Foley, Marshall Bell, Danny Dyer, Boxer Joe Calzaghe, ‘Heroes' Greg Grunberg, Psychic Medium Derek Acorah, Lord of the Rings' Billy Boyd, 'Pirates' star Mackenzie Crook and Gordon Ramsey to name a few.

With a portion of the films profits going to children’s charity Angelwish, ‘Tattoo’s: A Scarred History’ is a must see, visual treat for all film fans regardless of whether you love or hate tattoo’s.

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