Title: The Inner Circle Trailer
Description: A compelling coming-of-age story about five free-spirited teenage girls who are drawn together against the backdrop of a New England boarding school in 1964. When the girls discover a secret that forces them to question their own beliefs they bond together to challenge authority, and each other, in this charming, irreverent, and heartfelt journey of discovery and friendship.
Related Titles: The Inner Circle
Related Names:Steve Adcock, Sarah Aldrich, Jill Andre, Joseph Bauer, James Allen Bradley, Laura Carson, Joe Dain, Colby French, Helen Geller, Mariette Hartley, Michael Hothorn, William Dennis Hurley, Bill Lithgow, Judith Montgomery, Charlotte Stewart, Jennie Ventriss, Allen Nabors, Kaleigh Krish, Toby Divine, Haley Hudson, Lauren Storm, Lynda Scarlino, Katie Leclerc, Jeremy Gordon, Brooke Lyons, Lauren Rigau, Jason Koren, Leanna Spear, B.K. Cannon, Camille Poisson, Ruth W. Block, Justin Hanlon, Samantha Joanne Silver, Gianna Elice, Audrey Moore
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