Trailer (I.M. Caravaggio Trailer 1:30)

Title: I.M. Caravaggio Trailer (I.M. Caravaggio Trailer 1:30)
Description: Based on Caravaggio's true life and on the 400th anniversary of his death, promising new American Director Derek Stonebarger weaves a daring tale of identity crisis in his debut feature film I.M. Caravaggio. In a non-linear story, set in the seedy and rarely photographed ghetto of Las Vegas known as 'Naked City', witness the rise and fall of a modern day Master, Ian Milano, who works and lives as 17th Century Italian Painter Caravaggio in order to forge his artistic genius and unlock his own sociopathic nature. Gods and saints: the subjects. Beggars and prostitutes: the models. "I am an orphan. I am a drunk. I am a murderer. I.M. Caravaggio."
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