Full Episode (Bad Apples - Ep. 3: Charlie's Blind Date)

Title: Bad Apples Full Episode (Bad Apples - Ep. 3: Charlie's Blind Date)
Description: Bad Apples is a web series surrounding a group of four artists in their late twenties, living in New York City, struggling to make their artistic dreams come true.

It's a tragedy...obviously.

Episode 3 - Charlie's Blind Date
Synopsis: Charlie is taking a break from writing music for the day to go on a date with a guy named Skeet. She met Skeet online and he seems perfect, but she soon discovers his hidden flaw: he can't pronounce the letter 'R'. Having her name pronounced "Chowie" for the rest of her life proves to be more than she can handle.
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Related Names:Josh Billig, Victor Malcervelli, Patrick Woodall, Wayne Brusseau, Ginger Kroll, Matt Jared, Josh Folan, Matthew Nicklaw, Ryan Charles, Frank Licata
Content Rating:Not Rated
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