Trailer (Weyburn - An Archaeology of Madness)

Title: Weyburn: An Archaeology of Madness Trailer (Weyburn - An Archaeology of Madness)
Description: Dare to be ‘committed’ to the Weyburn Mental Hospital. Explore the abandoned institution where the word
‘psychedelic’ was coined as artists, performers, former staff and patients bring to life the fascinating and stigmatized history of the Weyburn Mental Hospital. The documentary is a taste of the madness and institutional organization that was so much a part of life for the patients and staff. Montages created from the compelling sights and sounds of the deteriorating building and the work of the artists and performers provide a sense of the off kilter environment of the institution during its working days. When the show is over you can leave but you may never escape the experience of Weyburn – An Archaeology of Madness.

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Related Names:Richard Diener, Steve Wolfson
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