Trailer (Protesters (the movie) extended trailer w/ spoilers)

Title: Protesters Trailer (Protesters (the movie) extended trailer w/ spoilers)
Description: (warning: this trailer has spoilers) Here come the Protesters. They don't know what they stand up for & they don't know what they're up against. It's like the blind leading the blind.
There are so many things wrong in the world, so many evils to fight against. Is there no end to the problems? Yet what are we fighting against? Is it the war? pollution? greed? corruption? hunger? drugs? Nobody seems to know the priority. Nobody can agree which cause to support, or what's the best strategy. None of the protesters. Except for one. She's about to have her eyes opened to a revelation. History will never be the same!
Appearing (in chronological order): Folake Olowofoyeku, Drew Odegard, Shelli Misoyanis, Gentry Prescott, Aimee Tumenang, Esther Pulliam-Torres, Edly Chery, Jesse Rider, Jon Douglas Rainey, Madeleine Avendano, Thomas Daniel, Juliette Rose, Brenda Cooney, Rodney Laney, Ian Couch, Jesse Kelly, Lola Genoves.
Random Screenplay notes: Welcome to sprawling city of Monstropolis, located at the world's intersection, swarming with the human throng. One never knows what may occur here to alter the historic course of events. A brilliant idea can suddenly reveal mankind's destiny. It may come from a very strange source, through the most unlikely messenger.
The city exists under the oppression of a tyrannical dictator, who broadcasts his bold-faced lies and genocidal plans on all the major TV networks, twenty-four hours a day. There's no escaping his lunatic ranting and raving. Not everyone shares his twisted views.
Meet Felice Falafafel, a simple mind, not the sharpest pencil in the box.
Night falls, and they arrive at the secret meeting place of the protesters.
Meet Justin D. Bandwagon. He's the group's fearless leader.
The group isn't very organized. There doesn't seem to be any unity, and Felice is getting really confused. Before long, total chaos ensues.
Silver Spring Studios, Myster Ey, Director Tasciotti. Copyright (c) 2004 MultiMegaMedia
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