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Title: Untitled Dystopia Full Movie
Description: "A Pre-Apocalyptic comedy about an Artist and her friend at the end of the world..."

Untitled Dystopia follows Ajax (Lucy Egerton) an artist trying to complete her best piece of work before the imminent end of the world.

She is joined by Henry (Callum Drummond) a worryingly optimistic disembodied talking head whom came in the post one day. Perhaps the only person that can help is Morgan (Marysia Kay) a lone figure not giving up in the bleakest of circumstances

The film was commissioned as part of the 2008 Exeter Phoenix Bursaries for the Two Short Night Film Festival.
Related Titles: Untitled Dystopia
Related Names:Lucy Egerton
Content Rating:Not Rated
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi2653225497/