Title: Harriet Tubman Trailer
Description: Teach Indomitable Spirit, Faith, Courage and many other positive traits through the Nest Learning DVD on the life of Harriet Tubman. To this day Harriet Tubman is still remembered as “The Moses of her people” for good reason. From 1849 to 1860, in 17 dangerous missions to the Confederate South, she helped more than 300 slaves escape to freedom in the North. She continues to inspire countless Americans more than a century after her death.

Excellent for developing homeschool curriculum and a great teaching resource for Black History Month.

Each Interactive Harriet Tubman DVD features:
All features offered in English and Spanish
English and Spanish movie and subtitles and audio dialog
Have fun learning history and character with 3-Level Interactive Quiz

Bonus Offer - Each Harriet Tubman DVD includes a Free Instant Download of our 48 Page Activity and Coloring book
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