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Just as some of Brian De Palma's most entertaining films have been tributes to Hitchcock's finest, so director Antonio Bido (The Bloodstained Shadow) pulls off a brilliant homage to the early giallos of Dario Argento with this razor-sharp thriller that's also known as The Cat's Victims.
When Mara (Paolo Tedesco) stops by at the chemist to pick up some painkillers she's unwittingly signed up for a prescription in terror and a world of pain for those around her! Told to come back another day, little does Mara realise that the chemist is lying dead in the back of the shop and she's bought herself a stalker determined to wipe her out now that she's a witness.

Bido weaves a web of one nod and a wink after another to any fan of Argento's most baroque thrillers with skilful murder set-pieces of his own and a soundtrack that could easily have been performed by Goblin. Intricate, suspenseful and satisfying, Bido applies his own visceral vision to the art of giallo film-making and pulls off a stunning bloodied gem.

Watch Me When I Kill (cert. 18) is released uncut as a Shameless Fan Edition DVD by Shameless Screen Entertainment. The film will be presented remastered in 1.85:1 with English 2.0 sound. Also included on the disc is a brand-new exclusive interview with Antonio Bido, Shameless Fact Track by the Wilson Bros, alternative opening sequences, two theatrical trailers, collector's photo gallery and a Shameless original trailer gallery.
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