Trailer (the love project journey-(Trailer))

Title: The Love Project Journey Trailer (the love project journey-(Trailer))
Description: A group of "Lifers" devoted to their Music and Art that have remained close since childhood, re-discovering parallel lives, East to West Coast and "across the pond". Some have reconnected and others that we pay tribute to that we have lost, We want to move people and ourselves to connect and to find their own voice.

True to their life passion of making music and making films with close friends that contributed in the special f/x, painters, graphics and animation depts, this developed to its own thing organically. We lived in the moment with now A-list musicians and even living legend, Terry Bozzio who joined us in the last sessions of the project. We gathered together to record and film a love project.
This is Our Journey and it's parallel to anyone who wants to live through Music or through whatever passion that moves them.

This particular journeys' nucleus lies in the heART of DrumAddict; Yael,
Born in Tel Aviv, raised in NYC, and currently in Los Angeles. Endorsed Artist, Yael and her drums have captured the attention of many in the music world, but hopes to bring this project to a much bigger universal scale.
Even with all the obstacles, we keep moving forward and we must believe in our will to make things happen.
Magic Happens.

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