Title: Swindle Trailer
Description: Swindle is a sexy action-packed caper film about four thieves attempting to pull off what could be the richest heist in world history: the printing plates of the new Euro currency. What they don't realize is that there is an undercover cop among the gang
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Related Names:Katie Griffin, Conrad Pla, Bruce Chun, Dave Foley, Sasha Gervais, Lori Graham, Alan Fawcett, Alain Goulem, Lou Vani, Candace Sibley, Vanya Rose, K.C. Bascombe, Joe Cobden, Richard McConomy, Mike Tsar, Elyzabeth Walling, E.P. Bergen, André Chamberland, Barry Blake, Gaétan Huot, David L. McCallum, Nick Seferian, Claudia Besso, Patrick Sabongui, Danny Wells, Lee Faulkner, Ryan Kennedy, Mike Paterson, Genevieve Sabourin, Kenneth McGregor, Sherilyn Fenn, Tom Sizemore, Pina Di Blasi
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