Title: Ambleton Delight Trailer
Description: Official trailer for Ambleton Delight, a feature film drama based on a true story in which a restaurant chef (Jos Lawton) haunted by his past, challenges a village mayor's (Brian Capron) opposition to a proposal for a motorway. The ramifications lead ultimately to devastation and inspiration, as seen through the eyes of a young restaurant pianist (Ernest Worthing).
Related Titles: Ambleton Delight
Related Names:Brian Capron, Shirley Jaffe, Joe Gooch, Anna Carrington, Mike O'Dyllan, Daniel Parkes, Sadao Ueda, Kieron James, Andrew Elias, Duncan Armitage, Sinead Ferguson, Iain Cameron, Itsuka Yamasaki, Marcus Taylor, Jonathan Cann, Ben Rohde, Verity Marshall, Sofia Sanchez, Jos Lawton, Henry Page, James Charles, Dan Smith, Ian Foster, Samantha Bolter, John Hayden, Kristina Anne Howell, Chris Marshall, Peter Allen, Matt Heggie, Judith Ellis-Jones, Paul Wilson, Yvonne Abel
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