Title: Don't Call Back Clip
Description: This isn't just another microbudget feature film. Instead, this independent feature film was created when the Writer/Director Christopher Nicholson decided to combine a group of disadvantaged young people who he'd been introduced to at various media courses run by The Prince's Trust with some industry professionals who he knew in order to offer an opening within the industry to those who had the talent but didn't necessarily have the connections or formal education a traditional start-up job within the film industry demands.

All of the young people who worked on the film gained professional credits and many went on to secure paid work building on their experiences gained whilst working on this film.

Synopsis: Kevin is unlucky enough to work in the office from hell as a mail-boy and has to suffer the racist taunts from his boss and the failure of the love of his life (the office babe, Tracie) to even remember his name. Things go from bad to worse when Kevin discovers that one by one his fellow-workers are being turned into "Worker Zombies" by the Security Guard who is a member of a secret Black Ops team. When Tracie is threatened, Kevin decides to fight back...
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