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Title: Are We Still the Ugly American? Full Movie
Description: Are We Still The Ugly American? Explores US covert operations in the Middle East over the past fifty years trying to understand why anti-Americanism is on the rise. Directors Marco Aguilar and Cheyenne Quintanar journey through Western Europe, Canada and some parts of the United States.
Related Titles: Are We Still the Ugly American?
Related Names:KRS-One, Abel Nieves, Amy Goodman, Marco Draven, Aram Mandossian, Arron Yohe-Mellor, Cheyenne Camille, Ryan Hyman, Cameron Ehrlich, Maggie Davidson, Adam Browning, Leo Griffin, Annika Host, William Ritchie Jr., Micaela Mielniczenco, Silvia Guerra, Brian Buchek, Marie Picorari, Eleonora Nucciarelli, Andrew Goldfinch, Brian Engquest, Jacinda Oldale, Rick Loyd, Fernando De Vicente, Leyla Golchin, Christa Moeller-Pyroux, Yung Preezee, Jurgen, Reinald Schneider, Claudia Rodriguez-Schroeder, Brian Gannon, Alex Lerman, Erick Facl'her-Poyroux, Pauline Loyd, Erik E. Clock, Carlos Nieves, Roderick Musselman, Michael, Alejandra Halverson, Lois Kosta
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