Trailer (Doggie Boogie: Get Your Grrr On!)

Title: Doggie B Trailer (Doggie Boogie: Get Your Grrr On!)
Description: Doggie Boogie dances into the hearts of its family audience as they cheer for a devoted Bichon pup who helps his owner and her dog dancing uncle achieve their dreams.

Cassie's desire to become a Vet is crushed by her mother, who is a slave to the world of personal injury law. She is forcing Cassie to follow in the family legacy. Peter Wolfe, her dog-dancing Uncle, dreams of winning a national dog dance title but is blocked by his guilt over a tragic dance accident.

Gertrude Spinner, a ten-time dog dance champion and keeper of the legendary Dog Dance Bible, will do anything to stop them. Supported by a colorful cast and enchanting dogs, Pijo uses the lessons of Barkananda ("healing bliss") to provide Cassie and Peter with a fresh start as they dance through life’s twists and turns. He breathes life into everyone’s dreams as he dances away with their hearts.
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