Title: When Happy Met Froggie Trailer
Description: It was 1976, and as the nation was celebrating its bicentennial, a small television station in the south was making history of its own with a hip, edgy show that redefined local television.

A children's program unlike any other, "Happys Hour" quickly became the most popular show in town, making celebrities of its cast and crew. Featuring an excitable hobo clown named "Happy" (played by Tim Eppenstein) and his cantankerous sidekick "Froggie" (played by Mike McMellon), the show's unique blend of adult humor, improvisational comedy, and celebrity cameos made it an instant hit - as well as a "cult classic" in the years that followed.

Directed by Michael Crisp (The Very Worst Thing, Polterguys), When Happy Met Froggie is the hilarious documentary
film that revisits the historic show, featuring interviews with the cast and crew of "Happy's Hour", as well as rare footage and pictures from the beloved program.
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