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Irishman Patrick Shaw (Patrick Clarke -- Anton) enters the U.S. illegally with his wayward friend Seamus O'Sullivan (Conn Horgan -- Gods & Generals). Landing in New York, the pair start out with dreams of striking it rich, but soon find themselves in dead-end jobs and drifting apart. As Seamus pursues various get rich quick schemes, the more cautious Patrick holds down a Janitor's job and plays good Samaritan to washed up alcoholic author Tom Finnegan (Malachy McCourt - Ash Wednesday).

Along the way, Patrick falls for fellow Dubliner Helen Graham (Beverley Elder) a struggling actress involved in a messy break up with the much older Jeffrey (Roger Davis -- Alias Smith & Jones) Everything comes to a head when Seamus turns to backroom gabling, Tom hits rock bottom and Jeffrey makes a vicious play to win Helen back.
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