Title: The 6 Month Rule Trailer
Description: A group of friends gather for a holiday party and it ends in disaster after the hostess' matchmaking scheme backfires on her. Starring Michelle Wolff with Deborah Stewart, Vincent De Paul, Beth Shea, Jen Nikolaisen, Fanshen Cox and Jennifer Riker. Written and directed by Linda Andersson. Produced by Peggy Irby
Related Titles: The 6 Month Rule
Related Names:Moby, Vincent De Paul, Michelle Wolff, Jen Nikolaisen, Beth Shea, Fanshen Cox, Andy Wells, Deborah Stewart, Jennifer Riker, Rachel Wyn Dunn, Linda Andersson, Gina Scoles, Michael Mercado, Peggy Irby, SugarBeach
Content Rating:Not Rated
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