Title: I Believe: Universal Values for a Global Society Trailer
Description: In an age when the world is precariously poised at the edge of environmental, ethnic, ethical, religious and spiritual chaos, a film called "I Believe: Universal Values for a Global Society" comes along that puts forward a new vision and a uniquely Indian solution to the World's problems. Dr. Karan Singh, the veteran statesman, politician, diplomat, champion of inter-faith dialogue, President of ICCR, Indian ambassador to UNESCO and its most enigmatic cultural ambassador puts forward a unique and universal set of ideals based upon the best of Indian wisdom traditions yet framed in a very modern 21st century language and context. "I Believe" is an intimate and compelling 42-minute documentary film by filmmaker Raja Choudhury that explores Dr. Karan Singh's vision for how we can shape and guide the world in the 21st Century. He takes us on a fascinating quest through 12 beliefs into our necessity to act like and become global, if not universal citizens, take responsibility for all our people and the planet, overcome our fears and insecurities, appreciate our culture and beauty and then eventually discover the divinity and the spiritual spark that lies hidden deep within each of us and throughout the cosmos. The film will be released in India and around the World in October 2010. You can pre-order your copy of the DVD at For further information contact Raja Choudhury at
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