Title: Operation: Beelzebuddy Trailer
Description: In the year 2009, an economic crisis will hit the planet. As it turns out, Satan (as played by Justin Paul Kahn) was responsible for the shady deals with banks to authorize sub-prime mortgages. When the public finds out about this, there is outrage and Sa
Related Titles: Operation: Beelzebuddy
Related Names:Justin Paul, Phil Kessel, Fernando A. Madrigal, Daniel Tayag, Josh Eisenberg, Johnny Benson, Carolina Monte Rosa, Paul Weaver, Andrew D'Costa, Peter Damian, Noah Belt, Allison Moser, Ryan Dooley, Linda Yi, Melanie Staton, Ken Espinosa, Brandon Broady, Kalin Noel, Anthony Robinson, Dylan Lee, Adam Knauss
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