Trailer (Cycle Of Fear)

Title: Cycle of Fear: There Is No End Trailer (Cycle Of Fear)
Description: One year ago, 14 teenagers went missing. Tabetha is the only known survivor of the group. Found by the side of the road with no memory of who she is and the secret she holds, must find out what's in store for her through clues in her own sketches.
Related Titles: Cycle of Fear: There Is No End
Related Names:Tony Porfilio, Erica Day, Andrew Tite, Sarah Taylor, Jeffery G. Davis, Evi Spiliotopoulos, Scott Gorman, John Crossman Jr., Dawsyn Jantzi, Jeremy Johnson, Priscilla Rowbotham, Andrew Foster, Laura Korpi Saunders, Matthew Bradley, Kerri Foster Gagne, John Crossman Sr., David D. Mysyk
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