Title: Southern Fried Bigfoot Trailer
Description: A documentary that explores the legends, tales, and possible reality of the hairy monsters that are purported to live in the wild areas of the American South.
Related Titles: Southern Fried Bigfoot
Related Names:Loren Coleman, Christopher Sabat, Carl Finch, Dan Maloney, Vaughn Bryant, Matthew J. Fazio, Chester Moore Jr., Shane Whitley, Zane Boyd, Lee Murphy, John Bindernagel, Bill Rebsamen, Rob Riggs, Randy King, Patrick Trumble, Sallie Ann Clarke, Russell Scott Boyd, Graham Criglow, Gary Matthews, Thomas Lynch, Richie Kay, Barry Bagert, John Blanton, Mitchel Whitington, Cynthia Whitley, Calvin Anderson, Dexter Sumpter, Ron Gardner, Bing Graffunder, Hope Stedman
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