Title: The Second Degree Trailer
Description: An innocent game of 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' spins out of control and sends a young slacker in pursuit of adulthood and real human connections following the beacon that is Bacon. Before he can make his final connection, he meets: the Second Degree.
Related Titles: The Second Degree
Related Names:Allison Barcott, Kristina Bartlett, Cindy Benson, Oto Brezina, Maggie Rose Fleck, Cat Hammons, Carolyn Hennesy, John M. Larson, David Man, Adam Sampson, Henry Phillips, P. Daniel Newman, James Elden, Ryan Angel, Scott Bryner, Randall Gifford, Yves Huang, Gena Poniatowski, Kelly Walters, Tracey McCall, CJ, Matthew Crowder, Ernie Pena, Julie Petrosky, Heidi Sackerson, Andrew Davids, Jake The Dog, Avner Garbai, Tim McGrath, Alan Sanders
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