Title: Stolen Horses Trailer
Description: When Curtis Pendleton’s (Joseph Sutherland) father (James D Hopkin) sells the family ranch, Cutis is forced to change the only way of life he has ever known.

Ed Hemas (Jayson Therrien) and Brett Stallings (Jason Cermak), Curtis’ childhood friends, faced with the same trouble, convince Curtis and Andy Penticton (Ricky Gerlitz) to go in on a desperate plan; steal horses from the very same people that bought his family’s ranch.

Their fates bring questions of justice and redemption, for all actions have consequences.
Related Titles: Stolen Horses
Related Names:Doug Emmett, Sean Devaney, Jayson Therrien, Daniel Schulman, Daniel Raimi, Joseph Allan Sutherland, Beatrice Lee, Jason Cermak, Erika Walter, Lisa Marie DiGiacinto, James D. Hopkin, Harrison Richer, Ricky Gerlitz, Dean Norris
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