Title: The Summoning of Everyman Trailer
Description: With a cast of accomplished New York City actors, The Summoning of Everyman is a revelation. Beautiful, moving, and unexpectedly comic, a refreshing take on a timeless tale. This movie is for students, scholars, film buffs, and fans of the medieval.
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Related Names:Lynn Cohen, Sally Conway, Marty McDonough, Douglas Morse, Timothy Naylor, Lindsay Rae Taylor, Grace Zandarski, Zainab Jah, Neil Levine, Ed Schiff, Paul Barry, George McGrath, Uma Incrocci, Richard M. Rose, Cassandra Vincent, Petrus Dorlandus, Benjamin Curns, Seth Duerr, Zorak, Amy Patrice Golden, Bina, Vincent Polowy, Elizabeth Attaway, Kat Stroot, Bill Toscano, Heide Estes, John Attaway, Roman Molino Dunn
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